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A Letter to the Bulls' Whānau from Coach Dan.

To my Bulls Whānau,

I use “whānau” not only to acknowledge the beautiful Māori culture that has enriched my New Zealand experience, but also because it best captures the feeling that was fostered in my time as head coach of the Bulls.

Both amongst the people that worked day in and day out to construct a team, connect those individuals, and perform at “Franklin Level”, and through the incredible fan base that supported us through the many peaks and valleys, my Franklin Bulls experience has been the embodiment of family - and that will be enduring.

Unfortunately, my basketball journey in the last 7 years has left little time for my other whānau. In light of this, despite the diligent and generous efforts of the Bulls management, I have declined the opportunity to continue in the role of head coach.

Being head coach of the Franklin Bulls has been an absolute privilege, and I owe immense gratitude to the people that bestowed this honor upon me, and to the players that allowed me to coach them.

We set out last year with the clear goal to leave the Bulls organization in a better place than we found it. I depart with the confidence that we have made positive strides, and the peace of mind that the club is in great hands.

- Coach, Daniel Sokolovsky

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