Height:       6ft 11

Weight:       120kg


Position:    PF/C


Years Pro:  0

Home Town: Dunedin

Last team: Washington Huskies


We are excited to announce a man who is set to make a big impact this season in the SalsNBL. Welcome to the EnviroNZ Franklin Bulls Family, Sam Timmins.

Sam is an Otago Native who has been playing his basketball in the Pac 12 conference in the US with the Washington Huskies and has previously played for the Otago Nuggets and Canterbury Rams. Sam was also on the Tall Blacks Radar, before heading away to play Division 1 basketball.

Sam is an exciting player with the size and strength to command the post, but also an ability to stretch the floor.

Sam is one of a handful of players returning home from college duties and will certainly want to make his mark on the league this year under the coaching of Coach Simmons.

Sam is returning from the US and will have to be in isolation on his return for 14 days due to the Corvid-19 travel restrictions. Sam will join the team as soon as his self-isolation period is over.

Welcome to the EnviroNZ Bulls Family, Sam! Singlet #33 is waiting for you


When did you start playing basketball?

Intermediate school

Favourite Basketball Player?

Hakeem Olajuwon

Favourite Movie?
Shawshank Redemption


Favourite Hobby?
Card games


Favourite Food?
Japanese food


Favourite Band or Musical Act?


Favourite Cartoon Character?
Mike Nolan


Person you would like to eat a meal with - dead or alive?
Billy T


If you could attend any sporting event in history, which one?
Watch my Nana throw Javelin at the Com games

Famous Person you most resemble?

No idea - Lookalike App says... Adam Levine