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He's Back! First time Bulls Sign Import for Second year!

He’s Back! Last year's League Defensive Player of the Year nominee and Bulls Defensive player the year, Jamaal Brantley is back in Bulls colours for SalsNBL 2024.

Brantley was a key cog in the Bulls defence last season for Former Head Coach Daniel Sokolovsky. The Bulls were known for stifling defensive which helped the team to a semi-final berth.

Brantley toward the end of the season became an offensive threat as well, scoring at crucial times against the Saints in last years quarter final. He was 9.3 points, 6 rebounds and 2 assists on the year. Also over a steal and almost one block a game.

New Bulls head coach Sebastian Gleim is excited to have on the ground.

“Jamaal comes from his season in Portugal to us. He is in gameshape, knows the environment of the Franklin Bulls. When I saw him the first time on a video, I really liked his energy and I had the same impression on his first practice with us. We are happy to have him on our team.”

Brantley is the first ever Bulls import player to return for multiple seasons, this being his second.

Bulls Co-Founder, Scott Kelso says this is a great signing for the club in more ways that one. .

“Jamaal is a great guy! He’s great fun and was a fan favourite last season. I’m excited to see him help the team grind out wins and build on what he became known for and make another run at the league’s defensive player of the year title!

The Bulls, with Jamaal will suit up for this Sunday for the first home game of 2024. Import player Joshua Scott is not yet available to play due to availability, so KC Nwafor will suit up in his place along with import guard Luther Muhammad.

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