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Height:       6'0


Position:    G


Years Pro:  2 (AM)


Home: Waikato Country

The Franklin Bulls are excited to continue to support the development with our local stars, by announcing our local development players, who will suit up for season 2023. These players come out of Franklin, South Auckland and Waikato.


"One of the primary motives and drivers of the Franklin Bulls organization is the word “Impact. We aim to make an impact as an organization by being in and about the community consistently - understanding our responsibility as role models and active members of the community. " says Head Coach, Daniel Sokolovsky


"The other vital avenue for impact is developing the young talent of Franklin/South Auckland/Waikato. It’s hugely exciting for us to have such a special group of development players this season. John Anderson, Payton Hughes, Brody Perry, Noah Campbell, Christian Vano, and Arahi Marsh are each promising young talents in their own right. They all bring the level of effort, intensity, and character that we aim for Franklin to be synonym with. In the early goings, they are all showing that they couple that integrity with the skill and mentality necessary to develop in to impactful professionals for years to come." Adds Sokolovsky


This is also a proud moment for some of the associations that work along side the Bulls, Jamie Reddish GM of Franklin Basketball says this is another step towards "building our future" and he can't wait to see some of the lads suit up.


Reddish has coached a number of the DPs and continues to be heavily involved in their local development.


This is also the same for Jeff Green, GM of Waikato Country, who has been working with the Bulls to support Christian Vano and Arahi Marsh and their place in the DP program.


The Bulls DP program seeks to provide opportunities to surrounding local associations, including Counties Manukau, Franklin, Waikato, Waikato Country and Thames Valley. The Bulls board mandate

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