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Our aim is to provide our community with programs and events that help raise awareness, provide enjoyment and offer support and encouragement. We want to work with you to offer up our team, our resources and brand to help you reach your community.

The Bulls Together Mission:


  1. Create opportunities for all people in our community to “Play”.

  2. Create opportunities for young people to pursue their dreams, especially in the sport of basketball.

  3. Support Local Heroes in their work towards helping young people pursue their sporting goals, especially in the sport of basketball.

  4. Have our players, staff and our organisation inspire all they come into contact with and to fulfil all the above.

  5. Be part of community events wherever and wherever possible, as much as possible.

Our team will be available during the NZNBL season to visit schools, clubs and community groups.


So please contact us to have the players, our Mascot Blitz and the FBBA community projects team visit you during the season. Simply tell us how you'd like our team to help and we'll do our best to make it happen.


Thanks for getting in touch

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