Height:       202cm

Weight:      100kg


Position:    G/F


Years Pro: 3

Home Town: Auckland

Last team: EnviroNZ Bulls

The EnviroNZ Franklin Bulls are pleased to announce that fan favourite and longtime Bulls player Isaac Davidson will rejoin the team for the 2022 Sal’s NBL season. 


Isaac is Samoan and was born & raised in Auckland; playing his junior basketball for Rangitoto College & Waitakere West Auckland. Davidson also played in junior New Zealand national teams before going to America to play for Somona State University. When Davidson returned to New Zealand after college he immediately joined the Franklin Bulls. Davidson is currently playing for the New Zealand Breakers in the Australian NBL.


Davidson is excited to be returning for his third season with the EnviroNZ Franklin Bulls and his passion for the fans and community is clear, saying “I want this side of Auckland to have a team to get behind. It’s an amazing community and we easily have the best fans in the league. They deserve a successful team out there and I’m so hyped to play for that.”


The 24 year old wing started all 9 games he was available for in the 2021 Sal’s NBL season where he averaged 13.4 points, 5.8 rebounds, and 2.7 assists per game in 31.5 minutes of action per game.


On-court success runs in the family for Isaac, who’s eldest sister Penina is a core Tall Ferns member who has a successful career primarily playing in the Australian WNBL. Isaac’s mother Bronwen is also a successful basketball coach who coaches in the New Zealand national junior women’s programme currently.




When did you start playing basketball?

Year 5 - 10 years old

Favourite Basketball Player?

Dwayne Wade

Favourite Movie?

Scott Pilgrim Vs The World

Favourite Hobby? 

Games(any form)

Favourite Food?


Favourite Musical Act?


Favourite Cartoon Character?


Person you would like to eat a meal with - dead or alive?

If you could attend any sporting event in history, which one?

2013 NBA Finals - Game 6 but any of the Olympics would be crazy to watch

Famous Person you most resemble?
???? - Lookalike App says - Justin Bieber