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It all begins somewhere.  A great idea, a great team and a great community. The Franklin Bulls NZNBL Franchise is in the business of connecting our community together. Along with the Franklin Basketball Association, we are the face of basketball in our community. It's the fastest growing sport in the country, the second most played sport in New Zealand secondary schools and the world's second biggest sport.

We want to create legends for our kids and create stories and memories  that will be part of Franklin history, but we can't do it alone. Together with our supporters and community our aim is to create the best product we can and strive to provide an entertaining, effective and strong brand. The Bulls are your team.. So help us create legends in our community.


It may sound cliche, but the only way to explain your association with the Bulls Basketball Franchise is "partnership". We do not believe that the team and the Bulls organisation should be the only ones to see value, we also want to give you as much back as the team receive, if not a whole bunch more. 


Our partnership program is based on four value areas. These essentially outline what you receive for your partnership, just to make sure you understand your ROI.

1. Service - We provide you with services in the area of Marketing support. We believe you need results for your partnership and we will help you leverage our brand and help you build yours through it.

2. Sponsorship - We believe there's value in being associated with a strong brand. Our Goal is that the Bulls will become one of the most influential brands in New Zealand Basketball and New Zealand sport. Being an official partner will bring returns. But we don't simply want your logo and ours next to each other. We will give you ideas about how to use our brand to attract new and exciting custom.  Sponsorship includes options for standard products such as hoardings, billboards etc and leverage via media (NZNBL Sky TV rights etc).

3. Bulls Membership - We also want you to be able to directly connect with our supporters by providing benefits to them directly through the Bulls Membership Card program. Depending on your level of support we will promote your business service or deal via our social, email marketing, social media ads and on our website. You are free to promote this in-store. "Show your Bulls Card to receive the Bulls In-store Deal".

4. Entertainment - Of course you couldn't partner with us without becoming a major part of the Bulls Season and having a great time doing it! With our corporate areas, courtside seating and not to mention the best Basketball players in New Zealand, we'll have a blast!

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