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HIS NAME IS BLITZ! #blitzthebull


He’s been growing well in the paddocks of Buckland, reared for strength and pride. He’s been feasting on a solid diet of hay, grass and the odd Ram! He also loves the taste of Husky. Some of his other favourite foods include Yeti, Gorilla, Bear, Ant, Hawk and Shark, although some of those are off the menu at the moment. He loves Chicken “Nuggets” as well.

While known for being mild tempered and cuddly, he’s does have the tendency to get excited and aggressive if provoked. He is extremely territorial and knows well in advance when someone enters his space. He is the ultimate defender with lightening bolt like power. Let's just say you don't want to be in the way when he charges.

Blitz will be around Franklin, South Auckland and Waikato this season promoting the Bulls. Visit our website for updates on where Blitz will be this season.


If you'd love Blitz to come to your event, school or business to get a few pics and hand out some giveaways, let us know. He always has time for his community. Contact us here

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