One of the very first Bulls initiatives was born out of a direct need in our community for kids playing in our Franklin Leagues. The right footwear is extremely important and we believe all kids playing in our leagues need the right tools to be able to learn with confidence. 

One of Our Missions:

  1. Create opportunities for young people to pursue their dreams, especially in the sport of basketball.

We do this by working to ensure that all kids who want to play our sport have:

  1. A pair of adequate basketball shoes to use on court or at home to train or play in.

  2. A ball to be able to practice with.

  3. Access to a hoop, at home, school or at a local facility. 

These initiatives are not simply sport orientated, but more about ensuring that every young person has access to activity, friendship as part of the team or club and has no restrictions for access to be able to achieve their goals.


Thanks to our local heroes, we are able to provide resources to young people through existing clubs or organisations who are already working with tamariki in our communities.


Most basketball players accumulate shoes, especially young players who grow out of theirs and most of the time these shoes are still adequate for use by someone else. 


STEP 1. Find your shoes and decide you want to donate them.


STEP 2. Rate Them: Poor, Average, Good or Excellent.

STEP 4. Put them in an old shoe box or a box you can find and write you name and email address on a piece paper and place in one of the shoes. 

STEP 5. Fill in online form. See below

STEP 6. Drop the shoes off  to Stirling Sports, Pukekohe.

STEP 7. We will send you a confirmation email once they have been received and connected your online form to the corresponding email.

STEP 8. We will then take them to Hannah's Pukekohe where they will get new soles.

Once we receive them we touch them up, put new inner soles in them and then find an appropriate home for them. 

We also take donations of brand new shoes and we are excited to partner with footwear suppliers who help us with inner soles and new kicks for our kids. 

Conditions: Not every shoe that is donated will be passed on. This is usually due to quality and condition. Remember these shoes are being donated to children and communities that will love and use them, so all shoes we passed on must be of a certain standard. A standard you would be proud to have and own.

Reasons shoes will not be passed on:

  1. Soles unusable on courts.

  2. Rips and tears.

  3. Unrepairable damage.

  4. Shoes look too old and in poor quality.


Fill in the form below to donate.

Thanks. Now drop in your shoes to one of our locations.

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