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One of the Bulls' core initiatives is to enable young people to play the sport of basketball. Our mission is to support community groups and sporting organisations remove some of the barriers to play the sport we love. How?

1. Provide them with adequate equipment. Basketball hoops in their community and support initiatives that grow the sport of basketball in South Auckland/Franklin. 

2. Enable young people to play the support with removing financial barriers. Basketball is the easiest and most cost effective and popular sport for individuals to play, in their back yard or in a park. But any level up it costs a lot. For kids in New Zealand to pursue their sporting dreams they have to afford it. Our aim is to remove this barrier. 

3.We want them to play. Without barrier and stigma. So at it simplest. providing kids a pair of shoes, can make all the different. Not only do they feel great, but they can play in adequate standard footwear.

No child or young person should go without and sport is one of those Kiwi rights. We want to make sure that all kids who pursue basketball are able to play at any level. 


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