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Gerrand, back with the Bulls

The EnviroNZ Bulls have stolen one away from rivals, the Auckland Huskies, adding Guard Jaylen Gerrand.

Gerrand was due to play for the Bulls last season before the Covid Crisis turned the world upside down. Jaylen ended up playing with the Huskies, in the revamped SalsNBL Showdown.

But this year will be different and Jaylen is excited to take on his former team in game one of the Bulls season, last year dubbed the #battleofthenorth .

Last season he averaged nearly 7 points in 20 minutes on the floor for the Aucklanders, playing behind Izayah Mauriohooho Le afa. Gerrand's best game saw him score 6 from 7 from the 3 for a total of 26 points, against the Canterbury Rams.

Head Coach, Jamie Reddish says Jaylen will add energy and toughness.

"We know Jaylen can provide energy and scoring for our squad his season. He's also very active on defense and tough. We know the value he can add and that's why he's back with the Bulls this season. We are excited to have Jaylen in the squad. I think he's enjoying being back with us."

"He's wanting to work, get better and earn his spot, just like all of our guys. We have a great culture and Jaylen is adding to it, with his toughness and experience."

Tickets are available for game one, which will be the EnviroNZ Bulls' first ever home game.

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