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EnviroNZ Bulls Go Local with Coaching Appointments

Free agency registrations are now open and the EnviroNZ Bulls are preparing to make a statement in the Sal's NBL 2021 season with a new coaching team.

After a successful showdown and our first showing in an NBL competition, led by Head Coach Liam Simmons, the EnviroNZ Bulls are excited to announce our next Head Coach and our Associate Head Coaching team, in a new direction for the Bulls in 2021.

While there is a lot of uncertainty in regards to the next years SalsNBL and Covid-19 on the rise around the world, the NBL is 100% focused on getting back to as normal as possible with home games a focus. This means the EnviroNZ Franklin Bulls will be hosting games at home in Pukekohe.

"The 2021 season is going to be significant for the EnviroNZ Bulls with this being our first home season and this years campaign will be focused around being local, so expect to see a lot more of the team around Franklin. It's also important that in this Covid-19 environment that we back our partners and support our local business community, as much as possible.

As for coaching, local is also a focus with a team assembled to reflect the desire to create next level local coaches and be able to invest in players to get to the next level." Scott Kelso, Interim General Manager of the EnviroNz Bulls.

The EnviroNZ Bulls have decided to again appoint a first time NBL Head Coach, bolstered by a strong, experienced NBL Associate and Assistant Coaching team.

The EnviroNZ Bulls are proud to announce our Head Coach and Associate Head Coaches.

Head Coach - Jamie Reddish

Associate Head Coach - Tony Webster

Associate Head Coach - Pascal Meurs

New Headcoach Jamie Reddish, who has spent the past year as Bulls' General Manager, will step down from the GM Role this month to take on the coaching role.

Scott Kelso, Interim General Manager, who will take over the role the GM, knows Jamie is the right person to lead the team this season. “For us as an organisation, we felt that the one person who could continue to lead our team and our organisation, was Jamie, especially in this Covid-19 Environment. Not only does he represent Franklin as a tireless advocate for our sport and the youth in our community, but he also has a creative basketball mind, an ability to lead, is able to make tough decisions and has a strong focus on player development. That’s why he’ll lead our team well and we are excited at the development opportunities for players and coaches in our community.”

“I have allowed my coaching to take a back seat in recent years, in part because I have been building a basketball organisation. But since last years NBL, I have discovered a passion for coaching at the next level. It just made sense that this was the right time. I have also been working with and playing against top level athletes my entire basketball career and believe I can lead this team in 2021.” Jamie Reddish, Head Coach, EnviroNZ Bulls.

While Jamie takes on the head coaching role, he has made a concerted effort to surround himself with a strong team that will support him throughout the season and support players in their development. The Associate Head Coaches will support Jamie in specific areas and support the team with their experience and expertise.

“This is not a one man show, we are a team and will work that way to get the job done and help our players succeed, both in the SalsNBL and on their aspirational goals. I am excited to be able to have the support of some Experienced Associate Head Coaches to support me during the season and I am looking forward to our Assistant coaches being announce as well." HeadCoach, Jamie Reddish.

The EnviroNZ Bulls will announce the assistant coaching staff in the coming days, who will be on the ground from November working our players. Both have NBL experience in playing and coaching.


Our Team:

Head Coach, Jamie Reddish.

Jamie will step down as General Manager of the EnviroNZ Bulls to take up the Head Coaching Role. Last year Jamie was part of the coaching team, led by Liam Simmons, who carried the Bulls to a .500 record, in an extremely close season. Jamie’s coaching experience spans almost 2 decades, having coached age group basketball for majority of that time, including being part of coaching teams that coached some of New Zealand’s top players. For the past 11 years Jamie has worked on growing a strong base of basketball in Franklin and most recently being granted association status as an affiliated BBNZ organisation and successfully bidding for a license in the NBL.

Tony Webster - Associate Head Coach

Tony Webster has a wealth of experience coaching in the Sal's NBL, having coached and played. Tony was an "All Star Five" NBL player and league assist champion for North Shore and also coached the Harbour Heat and Auckland Stars. Tony has also spent time coaching in the BBNZ national development program having coached U16s to Junior Tall Blacks programs. He has also led high performance programs around New Zealand. "Tonys knowledge and experience will help us navigate some of the unchartered territory we will face as a team."

Pascal Meurs - Associate Head Coach

Pascal Meurs is a Belgian professional coach with many years of professional experience in Belgium, Luxembourg, France and the Netherlands. He was one of four head coaches in Europrobasket's European Summer League in June of 2019. Pascal has the highest coaching degree in his home country of Belgium. He has also completed the Brévet d’ Etatd’ Educateur Sportif BES2 in France, the Fiba Europe Coaching Certification and has a PHD in Mathematical Physics. Coach Meurs is an advanced statistical analyst for the pro basketball league in Belgium and also a TV Analyst for Eleven Sports TV in Belgium, which covers the NBA and Liga Endesa Spain. He is currently the Head-coach of Sparta Betrange, Total League in Luxemburg.

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