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Height:      6'3

Position:    G


Last team: N/A

Still in year 13 at School, Iuli spent the past year playing mainly High School basketball, but has been part of Bulls development team (the Junior Bulls), for the past 2 years and while he has aspirations to play for a US college, he's committed to making his mark on the SalsNBL in 2021.


"Braydon may live in Tauranga, but he's a local boy. His family are Franklin proud, so we claim him! When Jamie brought him into our div 2 team a couple of years ago, I was blown away by his explosiveness. I'm excited now to finally have him in our roster for 2021." GM Scott Kelso


Head Coach, Jamie Reddish has known Iuli for a long time. Reddish founded Franklin Basketball association with Braydon's cousin Trent and has been watching the young star develop.


"He's a talent... I've seen him grow and watched him play for his father's teams for years. We knew it was only a matter of time until he would make an NBL roster.. What's even more special is that he gets to play for the organisation that his family help found more than 10 years ago."

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