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Young Gun Signs with Bulls

He's a rising star in New Zealand basketball and the EnviroNZ Bulls coaches have taken notice!

Jett Thompson, who is celebrating his 18th Birthday today, has signed on as an Amateur to ensure he's eligible to play in college.

He was brought into the SalsNBL Showdown last year as an injury replacement and managed just 4 minutes on the court for the Otago Nuggets, who eventually went on to win the tournament. While his stint was short, assistant Bulls coach Morgan Maskell believes Jett is ready for the NBL.

"We believe Jett has all the tools to be successful at this level. He loves the game, has a desire to learn, and is self-motivated to get in the gym & work hard on his craft."

Jett has been part of the Westlake Boys High School Premier team for the past two years, the Harbour Basketball U17s and was selected for the New Zealand U15 boys team in 2018, which Maskell head-coached. Jett has put in a significant amount of work over the last 6 months and it is showing.

"Jett has a tremendous amount of potential and has all the skills, knowledge and desire to learn required in order to be successful at this level. Jett is an exciting talent and understands the game and wants to play the right way." Says Coach Maskell.

Head Coach Jamie Reddish believes Jett will be successful, if the last few months are anything to go by.

"We are passionate about bringing young talent through our system. We know Jett will be successful, mostly because he wants to be here and he wants to work.

The coaching staff wanted to point out to Bulls fans, that Jett has been recruited because of his playing ability and definitely not because of his haircut.

"Good fella. Bad haircut." Adds Maskell

Welcome to the team, Jett!

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