Our Academy is the feeder program to our Blitz and SalsNBL programs. The Program is designed to identify potential players and set them on a pathway to Elite level basketball and works with them on educational and vocational goals. This group is predominantly invitation only, however anyone aged 13-17 can apply and trial.  Throughout the year, we invite these athletes to camps, and coaching programs. This program takes the resources of our NBL program and provides our development and academy athletes with pathways to achieve their sporting and educational goals. 



  1. Registration? Between August and October we will be gathering information from interested athletes. We will be making contact with athletes and parents to discuss the program from September.
  2. Trials? Players will then be invited to attend a trial. We will select a minimum of 20 athletes (boys and girls) to take part in the program (max 40).
  3. Camps? All players must attend multiple camps throughout the year. These camps focus of different basketball concepts. Each player will be given learning assignments from these camps and will be required to prove their understanding f these concepts.
  4. Recovery and Nutrition? Every athlete is different. We will be providing experts to help plan and provide recovery and nutritional guidelines for each athlete. Athletes will be required to illustrate their personal understanding and responsibility of managing their body.
  5. Injury Prevention? Each Athlete receives a long term plan for strength and conditioning for the purpose of injury prevention.
  6. Mental Skills and Confidence? All players must understand that confidence and mental preparation is key to being successful at a high level both on and off the court. We provide resources and coaching to help grow an athlete's mental skills.
  7. Bulls Players Mentoring. Each athlete will be able to spend time in  mentoring sessions with players and coaching staff. This is not just about skills and basketball development, but more about what it takes to play at a high level and managing their careers.
  8. Trips. While this is difficult at the moment due to Covid 19, we will be looking at future possibilities to take select teams on trips to experience competitions and development opportunities around the world. 
  9. Coaching. Work with Bulls coaching staff, coaches from all areas of athlete development and coaches we invite in to impart their knowledge and skills.
  10. Distance Mentoring and Accountability. Athletes will be required to keep journals and report into management with their progress and commitment to their goals. 
  11. Goal Setting. Every Athlete must have a plan in place and goals set for the time they are with the Bulls Program. This may include academic, athletic goals and life goals.
  12. Resources. Our athletes will have access to knowledge and resource that will help them on their journey. This includes access to gyms, software to analyse your game, software to help them with their educational goals and access to high performance resources.
  13. Relationships. Contacts and relationships with high performance coaching and trainers in New Zealand and in the US.


  1. What is the point of the development program? The EnviroNZ Bulls are committed to building high level programs to encourage basketball players to achieve their goals. We want to provide pathways to these athletes and advice and support for athletes interested in educational and vocational pathways in New Zealand and the US and of course playing in the SalsNBL (mens and womens).
  2. Age Group? Any Athlete 13-17 interested in being part of the Academy program, is welcome to apply. Athletes 18+ become part of our Bulls Development program. If you would like to trial for our DP program, please contacts us to be invited.
  3. How many players are accepted? We accept a maximum of 40 players per year, although we anticipate this number being smaller based on the expectations of the program.
  4. Is this program for Boys only? No. This program is for boys and girls. The Bulls board have a goal of having an NBL women's team sometime in the future, so we are committed to growing the women's game also. 
  5. Can anyone  join? No. This is an elite level program and we will only be taking athletes that display the drive, ambition and passion for the sport and their career and educational pathways. Our selection criteria will ensure this standard is met. Coach references and trials will be part of the selection process.
  6. What is my commitment? Any player who wants to be part of this program must commit to the full program. This includes all camps, trainings and game opportunities. We will do our best to not clash with rep programs and other commitments. 
  7. What does it Cost? To be selected and invited, it costs nothing. There is a cost for the trials, trainings and camps, but the Bulls are able to provide grants to athletes to be part of this program. We do not want cost to be a reason for an athlete not to take up the opportunity. Where we can, the Bulls will be attempting to cover costs or subsidising costs. We will also be investigating resources that do not cost, or have minimal cost. Either way you will be informed 100% of the time throughout the program.
  8. Where will this be based? The program will primarily be based at our Pukekohe facility. Athletes wanting to be in the program will need to factor in travel and accommodation costs for camps etc. 
  9. What can I expect from this program? All athletes must understand that this is a development program designed to prepare you for an elite level career in basketball. It will also you provide support and assistance in helping you on your journey towards higher education. All participants must agree to fully commit to the program and be coachable. 
  10. Will they play any games? This program is designed mainly to increase skill and understand concepts and rules that high level basketball professionals learn. They will not only be increasing skill, but be provided opportunities to develop themselves holistically. This will include nutrition, recovery techniques. 
  11. What happens after 12 months? That all depends on our goal setting. Each athlete must complete an agreement and keep a journal. This helps set the plan for the future. At the end of the 12 months, each athlete is evaluated. Some we imagine will find vocational pathways they want to pursue, others will be invited to continue in the program and a few will leave for educational opportunities. Some may even suit up for our Blitz and Bulls teams. Either way, our aim is to start you off on the right foot and help you along your journey.


General Manager

Jamie Reddish

GM Operations

Scott Kelso

Team Chaplain

Cliff Thompson


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Morgan Hill

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