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Davidson Commits to Bulls for 2021

After an incredibly successful showing at the SalsNBL showdown, Davidson as been been keen to return to the Bulls for 2021 to "have another crack". He was disappointed with the finish to the competition, and in his mind, there's unfinished business.

"Isaac is hungry to win. With his experience now at the SalsNBL showdown and at the Schick3X3 cup he has a taste for putting himself and the team in a position to win. It's the fire and hunger that gets us excited for 2021." HeadCoach Jamie Reddish

Over the past months Isaac has been part of the New Zealand Breakers practice squad, competing against ANBL talent day in and day out. This has only fuelled his competitive drive.

"Coach Liam Simmons told us he would be great and we believed in Isaac from day one. From a stellar rookie showing to now the opportunity to play against the ANBL's best all in one year is a massive achievement. Can't wait to have him back in a Bulls uniform." Coach Reddish

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