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Davidson set to play 50 NBL games for Bulls in 2023

It all started in 2020, a SalsNBL season that would be rocked by a world closing down and a New Zealand going into lockdown. Isaac Davidson, returning from college and looking forward to starting his professional career, signed as one of the very first players of a brand new, fledgling franchise and one that had aspirations to develop local players and build a long term legacy around them.

Fast forward to 2023 and Isaac Davidson will play in his 4th season for the Franklin Bulls and will mark a milestone for both the club and Davidson, one that has always been part of the plan.

"We hope this season, Isaac will play his 50th game. It's going to be a massive day in the life of the club"

"As a integral piece in the inception of this club; we’re very blessed to have someone of Isaac’s calibre still here with us. We’re very excited to have him resign and build with us as we go into this season. With Daniel and his experience mixed with Isaac’s enthusiasm to build on his career. We’re all looking forward to seeing Isaac enjoy this journey." Says Mika Vukona, Bulls Gm of Basketball

Head Coach Daniel Sokolovsky says he knew from the minute he stepped foot in the

Stockyard, Isaac was a valued player in the club.

"When the Breakers came to play a preseason game in Pukekohe, I was told that Isaac Davidson’s jersey would one day hang in the rafters of that gym. That really raised an eyebrow for me, and it left a lasting impression of just how much Isaac means to this club, and this community. With that in mind, upon accepting the job, I knew that retaining Isaac as a member of the Bulls was absolutely vital."

"He embodies everything Franklin wants to be about, and he will be a perfect fit within our style of play. His versatility and skill set at his size is unique, and he plays with an intelligence that will be invaluable to our offense. There’s a reason Isaac has represented New Zealand with the Tall Blacks, and been an invaluable member of the Breakers. I can’t wait to create a platform for Isaac to fully demonstrate his abilities, and help to bring winning basketball to Franklin."

"We can't wait to celebrate that game (50th) with Isaac when it arrives. I know that our coaches and staff all understand his value and commitment to the club, as our first ever active signing." Adds Vukona.

Season memberships will be available online early next week.

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