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Height:       6ft 0

Weight:      92kg


Position:    G


Years Pro:  5

Home Town: Auckland

Last team: Auckland Huskies

The EnviroNZ Bulls have stolen one away from rivals, the Auckland Huskies, adding Guard Jaylen Gerrand.


Gerrand was due to play for the Bulls last season before the Covid Crisis turned the world upside down. Jaylen ended up playing with the Huskies, in the revamped SalsNBL Showdown.


He averaged nearly 7 points in 20 minutes on the floor for the Aucklanders, playing behind Izayah Mauriohooho Le afa. Gerrand's best game saw him score 6 from 7 from the 3 for a total of 26 points, against the Canterbury Rams.

JG has such a great competitive spirit and a high high motor. He has proven to be a natural scorer with the ball and can get it done in a number of ways. He will provide our team with another outside weapon while being versatile enough to get in the paint and create for himself or a team mate. Jaylen embodies everything the Bulls are trying to be from a cultural stand point and it has been fun coaching him in practice thus far. Coach Simmons

jaylengeerand - Release.jpg


When did you start playing basketball?
10 years old

Favourite Basketball Player?
Dwyane Wade / Kyrie Irving

Favourite Movie?
Coach Carter

Favourite Hobby?

Favourite Food?

Favourite Band or Musical Act?
Cole World

Favourite Cartoon Character?
Aang/ Sasuke

Person you would like to eat a meal with - dead or alive?
Banana Boat Crew

If you could attend any sporting event in history, which one?
2008 Olympic Basketball Finals

Famous Person you most resemble?
Kevin Braswell

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