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EnviroNZ Bulls kick off 2021 signings with Brooks

The first signing of 2021 for the EnviroNZ Bulls illustrates the team is serious about making a play for a championship.

The Bulls have signed athletic Guard/Small Forward, Dane Brooks to the side for the upcoming season.

Brookes previously signed with the Southland Sharks for 2020, but has decided to commit to the Bulls roster.

“Dane has been on our radar for the past year as a guy with massive potential to help our team this season. We are excited to welcome him into the squad for 2021 and welcome him to Pukekohe to begin preparing for the season.” Jamie Reddish, Headcoach

Most recently, Brooks played a crucial role in getting the NZ Select 3X3 team to a top 4 playoff at this years inaugural Schick 3X3 cup. He also competed in the 2020 SalsNBL showdown for the Giants, averaging 10.5 points and 6 rebounds per game.

“His athleticism makes him an elite rebounding presence in his position and his defensive skills fit perfectly with our identity and we've all seen him finish! I’m excited to have Dane onboard to represent the Franklin community this season” Says Coach Reddish

Dane will join the EnviroNZ Bulls early 2021 to begin preparation for the SalsNBL 40th Anniversary season.

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