Height:       6ft 2

Weight:      91kg


Position:    G

Home Town: Auckland

Years Pro: 5

Last team: Wellington Saints


Jacob comes to Franklin via way of the Wellington Saints where he has spent some time within their program. Jacob is an active wing who has the ability to drive the ball and make plays in the paint, as well as connect from deep when give the opportunity. Jacob provides our team with poise and control while adding toughness and leadership to our group. Jacob is a welcome addition to the Bulls group and a fun personality to have on our team.


When did you start playing basketball?
14 years old

Favourite Basketball Player?
Monte Ellis or Andre Miller

Favourite Movie?

Favourite Hobby?
Touch, flag football

Favourite Food?
Fried bread with butter and Jam

Favourite Band or Musical Act?

Favourite Cartoon Character?
Ash from Pokemon

Person you would like to eat a meal with - dead or alive?
Tā Apirana Ngata

If you could attend any sporting event in history, which one?
2002 FIBA world champs

Famous Person you most resemble?
No clue.... Lookalike App says... Chris Klein